About us

Junior Achievement Serbia (JAS) is the only accredited provider of entrepreneurship education services in Serbia. It is a locally managed and funded entity affiliated with Junior Achievement Worldwide, a global organization founded 1919 in the USA.

The overall goal of JAS is to educate young people in the field of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business, and to enable the business sector to take an active role in preparing and inspiring the youth of Serbia to become contributing members of the society.

Operating on the national level, JAS is the only organization in Serbia focusing on youth entrepreneurship with the operating model which includes knowledge transfer both on local and European level. Since 2005, JAS is operating as an independent non-government and non-profit organization, with 6 full time employees and 12 members of the Board of Directors.


JAS implements educational programs in the field of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness, verified by JA Worldwide and accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education. The programs represent best practices in developing entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of the market economy and include activities like competitions, trade fairs and online contests.

All programs are implemented through the educational system either as a part of the school curriculum or as an after-school activity. They are available to all students, that is:

                High school students   – all grades (age 14-19)

                Elementary school students – grades 1-4 (age 6-11)


JAS programs are delivered by teachers, corporate and community volunteers, and provide relevant, hands-on experiences that give students knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices.

Through partnerships with the business sector and by using volunteers in the classroom, JAS is connecting the dots between what is taught in the classroom and the relevance of the information for the future. In this way, students learn from the real-world connections and gain updated feedback from the world of work. 


Thanks to the support of JAS partners and stakeholders, more and more schools are taking interest in entrepreneurship education and the number of students involved in the JAS programs has increased to more than 60,000 in the past 10 years.  This is how the school year 2014-2015 looked like:

12,398 students

950 teachers

286 schools

197 business volunteers


JAS content focuses on developing competences such as team work, problem-solving, leadership, taking initiative, and creativity. It also builds skills in turning ideas into action, analyzing information, managing a project or business venture, budgeting, handling finances, marketing and selling.

With the JAS elementary school programs, students learn about their roles as individuals, consumers and workers, the roles people play in families and the community. They discover needs, wants and how communities work while exploring the local and regional economies and the mechanism that drive them.

High school programs offer practical skills to students and help them understand how business works so they can take the next step to an undergraduate academic program or the working world. By being exposed to an entrepreneurial experience, students are encouraged to generate ideas and turn them into action.

One of the best ways to experience the entrepreneurship education is to expose young people to a short, one or two-day JAS activity. Competitions, conferences and trade fairs are a perfect way to get young people into the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as to demonstrate to stakeholders including educators and business people the benefits of a learning-by-doing methodology. This is a highly effective tool for stimulating young people’s interest in the current issues and challenges that are faced by the businesses and society— not always easily achieved in a traditional classroom setting. Such events are a powerful and motivating complement to the full-year entrepreneurship experiences.