Storytelling in Pictures contest

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Krusevac, 12 February 2015


Students from 3 elementary schools, winners of the contest “Storytelling in pictures”, have been awarded in the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Krusevac. Contest was organized within the JA Children program for elementary school students across Serbia. Aim of this contest was to boost the entrepreneurial spirit in the youngest students and to get them involved in projects starting with an idea and ending with its realization.

Through JA Children economy program children learn basics of financial literacy, setting and achieving goals and about difference between wishes and needs. More than 70 elementary schools across Serbia are involved in this program. Students who participated in this contest had a task to show development of an economic idea through characters in a story told through pictures. They analyzed in a creative way the roles they have in the society, both as individuals and consumers.

The winners are fourth grade students from “Dragomir Markovic” school in Krusevac. Second place went to second grade students from “Branko Radicevic” school in Batajnica and the third place by also second grade students from “Veselin Maslesa” school in Belgrade.

Predrag Vukicevic, president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Krusevac, Jasmina Palurovic, deputy mayor of the City of Krusevac and Danijela Vukovic from Erste Bank Serbia handed out the prizes to the students.

The contest was financially supported by the USAID and Erste bank.

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